Current bands and music

Finnmark Fantasia

John-Kåre Hansen's solo-album. Released in 2022.

A truly remarkable album (Jazzmania)
Timeless (Jazzmania)


The Sami band Ánnásuolo was started by John-Kåre Hansen in 2016. The eponymous debut album was released in 2017 followed by Muohtačalmmit - Snowflakes, in 2019. 

The crowd responded enthusiastically to Ánnásuolo, whose subtle dynamics and seductive melodies cast a lasting spell (All About Jazz)

Northern Concept

The Norwegian jazz quartet, Northern Concept, was started by John-Kåre Hansen in 2012. The band released their debut album, Days, in 2013 and January Insomnia in 2019.

A class album
Beautiful and laidback quality music

Sigrid Brennhaug

Norwegian pop/jazz album co-written, produced and released by John-Kåre Hansen in 2020.

She sings like an angel (Puls)
The band sounds so elegant, vital and competent that it stands out like an attraction on its own (Jazz i Norge)

England Brooks

John-Kåre Hansen is both producer and musician on England Brooks' two jazz albums, My Mother's Eyes (2016) and the Christmas-album The Greatest Gift (2018).

The ballads are exquisite (Avisa Nordland)

New music to come

Working on new music. Looking forward to share it with you.