John-Kåre Hansen

Norwegian-Sami musician and composer


Born in 1978 in the Arctic town of Alta, John-Kåre Hansen holds a professional career as a touring musician, composer, producer and band-leader. Hansen has released close to a dusin albums with his original music and he has composed commissioned works for various jazz festivals.

John-Kåre Hansen reveals himself as a solid composer both melodically as well as lyrically.

                         Tor Hammerø, Jazznytt

Composer of the year

John-Kåre Hansen wins Composer of the year at the Sami Music Awards 2019. The prize was presented by band colleague Marianne Pentha and star producer Guy Sigsworth.

       Northern Concept

John-Kåre Hansen & Northern Concept has got to be some of the most beautiful and melodic music to come from the Norwegian jazz-scene in the past few years


                      Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo                  

                                  Northern Concept on Spotify