John-Kåre Hansen

Finnmark Fantasia

Album out December 2022

Only two listens to this album were enough to make me fall in love with this fantastic guitarist-composer.

(...) his ensemble with its atypical composition transports us to a wonderful musical trip. 

(...) a crystalline, chiseled, jazz guitar, which links melodies with finesse and lightness.

(...) all these feelings he transmits to us through a truly remarkable album.

Quickly discover this refined, sensitive album of immense beauty. Timeless.

Belgian jazz magazine, JazzMania


Born in 1978 in the Sami town of Alta in the high north of Arctic Norway, John-Kåre Hansen holds a professional career as a touring musician, composer, producer and band-leader. Hansen has released close to a dusin albums with his original music and he has composed commissioned works for various jazz festivals.

Composer of the year

John-Kåre Hansen wins Composer of the year at the Sami Music Awards 2019. The prize was presented by singer Marianne Pentha and producer Guy Sigsworth.

John-Kåre Hansen reveals himself as a solid composer both melodically as well as lyrically. (Norwegian jazz-magazine Jazznytt)