John-Kåre Hansen

Norwegian-Sami musician and composer

New album out December 9th 2022

Finnmark Fantasia is John-Kåre Hansen's first solo-album and will be released on all platforms in December 2022.

Press info about the album here (Norwegian)

Press info about the album here (English) - coming soon

Finnmark Fantasia

Is a tribute to the people

To the citizens of the county

Who have time and again endured tribulations

Who have time and again endured the decisions of others

Finnmark is




Finnmark is

Sámi traits

Exotic features


And warmth

Finnmark stands firm

Her people have always been accustomed to fending for themselves

There is something very Finnmark about Finnmark

These people who continue to stand tall in adversity

Like ripe cloudberries in the autumn gales


Born in 1978 in the Arctic town of Alta, John-Kåre Hansen holds a professional career as a touring musician, composer, producer and band-leader. Hansen has released close to a dusin albums with his original music and he has composed commissioned works for various jazz festivals.

John-Kåre Hansen reveals himself as a solid composer both melodically as well as lyrically.

                         Tor Hammerø, Jazznytt

Composer of the year

John-Kåre Hansen wins Composer of the year at the Sami Music Awards 2019. The prize was presented by band colleague Marianne Pentha and star producer Guy Sigsworth.

       Northern Concept

John-Kåre Hansen & Northern Concept has got to be some of the most beautiful and melodic music to come from the Norwegian jazz-scene in the past few years


                      Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo                  

                                  Northern Concept on Spotify